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On a day to day basis the Revenue Protection & Ops. Compliance Manager will work with both the Security admin and operations team to achieve the best possible outcomes to the risks presented to them. Self-management in this role is key in ensuring priorities/deadlines are met and that all tasks are effectively completed.

Communication with the Head of Security & Ops. Compliance is imperative on significant developments and general updates

• Manage profit protection & security by utilising security admin data, incoming reports and subsequent completion of targeted field activity.

• Carry out checks on employees, machines, machines floats, stock, cash management, premises, and other operational procedures etc.

• Undertake checks of all Company assets, including buildings, stock and cash, and report on any exceptions to the operational teams, copying in the Head of Security & Ops. Compliance.

• Carry out speedy investigations into all physical attacks on Company employees and property, and report accordingly. Recommendations should be made regarding improvements to processes and procedures in an effort to prevent similar occurrences.

• Submit timely written reports to the Head of Security & Compliance on key events such as positive pre-checks, employee attacks, vehicle attacks, depot checks, high-risk break in sites and fraud incidents. (and when instructed to on other issues)

• Investigate any internal/external accusations concerning the activities of any Company employee whilst at work which brings their and/or the company integrity into question.

• Carry out investigations as directed by the Head of Security & Compliance.

• Liaise with external bodies in relation to all field security issues i.e. Police, machine manufacturers, other operators, customer security, site managers and other agencies as required. (Reporting back to the Head of Security & Ops. Compliance)

• Report and advise on any potential weaknesses in machine design or gameplay, which may result in loss of income, fraud or safety risks.

• Provide initial Security induction to new operational staff ensuring staff safety, security and integrity are emphasised.

• Ensure the central security time management database is kept up to date with regards to completed field security activity.

• Attend meetings with customers/consultants/suppliers with, and as directed by the Head of Security & Ops. Compliance

• Complete a weekly report consisting of activity statistics and associated narrative in relation to RPM activities from the previous week. Strategic planning of the following weeks activities must also be outlined on the format provided.

• Plan & conduct operational field compliance reviews to evaluate adherence to the Gambling Commission obligations and LCCP rules.

• Actively manage operational compliance standards and where necessary reiteration and/or training is given with a view to improving adherence. More serious breaches of compliance should be investigated & reported to management with a view to holding a disciplinary meeting with the employee in question.

• Ensure any conclusions and recommendations detailed on reviews or investigations into security/compliance issues are responded to by operational staff in a timely manner, and to a satisfactory standard to avoid/minimising further risks.

• Maintain a close liaison with the Head of Security & Ops. Compliance, ensuring you report any usual, serious, ongoing or unresolved issues.

• Carry out additional tasks as advised by the Head of Security & Ops. Compliance as when required.

• Apply principles of security which minimise operational costs and provide maximum benefit to the company and our customers

• Always represent the company in a courteous and professional manner, ensuring you maintain strict confidentiality at all times.

• Ensure any instruction issued by the Head of Security & Ops Compliance is carried out fully or if you are uncertain then request clarification.

• Ensure you comply with all company policies and procedures in relation to Health and Safety at work.

• Ensure the Company social responsibility policies in relation to gambling and statutory provisions of the Gambling Act 2005 and the Gambling Commission Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice are fully complied with at all times.

Skills required
This competency profile does not include technical/specialist behaviours but includes a list of generic behaviours which are required by an individual at this level. Individuals at this level must provide clear evidence of behaviours being demonstrated within the responsibilities/tasks outlined. At this level technical accountability for work done and decisions taken is expected. When reviewing your role, you may wish to prioritise the behaviours that are considered most important to maximise performance in your job.

Operational Performance
• Seeks information from appropriate existing sources to handle tasks, issues and problems. The sources might include: other people, manuals, websites, customer records, etc.

Customer Focus
• Refers to higher authorities and/or established procedures and regulations when required.
• Acts promptly to meet customer needs.

Personal Development
• Seeks and responds positively to regular performance feedback from other people.

• Sees the need to work co-operatively with others and does so.
• Keeps others informed (e.g. colleagues, customers, management) of matters which affect them.
• Understanding the team’s objectives and acting accordingly.
• Shows commitment to team goals (e.g. by actively joining in team activities/group discussions and committing to follow-up actions).
• Supports team/group decisions even if not in complete agreement.
• Is courteous and shows consideration for the needs and feelings of others.
• Listens to the views, feelings and attitudes of others and works sensitively with them.

• Communication is delivered in a way which promotes understanding e.g. in oral communication, speed and volume are appropriate and tone, gestures and eye contact are used expressively to add meaning and emphasis.
• Uses words and phrases effectively, presenting ideas and information in a logical and well-ordered fashion so that the context is easily understandable.
• When communicating in writing demonstrates ability to compose original messages as required as well as developing routine messages from standard formats and templates using correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Integrity and Trust
• Be able to accept and adapt to change in policies and procedures.
• Ensure confidentiality in all aspects of business information.

Accountability and Ownership
• Seeks to ensure that customers’ needs are met in a way that is advantageous to both the organisation and customer.

What we can offer you?

  • 33 days of Annual Leave including Bank Holidays
  • Birthday Leave (An extra day off for your birthday)
  • Recommend a Friend Scheme – Put forward a friend to work for us to earn a bonus (Subject to T&C’s)
  • Recognition Scheme awarded each quarter and annually
  • Life Assurance
  • Company pensions above statutory level
  • Employee Assistance Programme
  • Company Vehicle

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