• Full Time
  • Exeter

Inspired Gaming UK

Resort Engineer – Field Based

To provide an efficient service to customers regarding repair and maintenance of amusement machines situated in our customer’s premises. 

  1. Repair of amusement equipment/coin changers in the complex as notified by the public or management team 
  2. Preventative maintenance of all equipment and investigate technical updates immediately
  3. Repair of parts or equipment in the workshop area 
  4. Ensure maximum security of Company assets e.g. cash, service keys and machines 
  5. Ensure that all machines, workshop and public areas where machines are sited are kept clean and tidy 
  6. Monitor machine performance and ensure machines operate to maximum potential 
  7. Ensure that at all times the response to service calls are within the targets as laid down by the company/customer. 
  8. Carry out Portable Appliance Tests and Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) visits according to Company or customer schedules ensuring that the necessary documentation is completed. Also carry out PC Swaps and Project Updates as and when required. 
  9. Control and replace the spares issued to you in accordance with laid down procedures. 
  10. Carry out Installation Pre-wiring as required. 
  11. Carry out machine installations, changes and removals as required. 
  12. Attend regular debrief meetings with field management to discuss performance, answer problems and any other points relevant to the operation. 
  13. Attend training sessions as requested. 
  14. Maintain regular contact with Remote Services in the manner prescribed by the company and operate equipment provided for this purpose in accordance with laid down standards. 
  15. Ensure that all administration documentation is completed and submitted in accordance with company procedures. Person Specification 
  16. Carry out any technical changes which may result from policy changes by the company. 
  17. Service and maintenance is provided to the customer on a seven day basis. All engineers will be required to work on rotas to suit our business and customer needs. Changes to the rotas will occur from time to time following consultation with staff. 
  18. Provide additional cover on service rota as required including covering for any absent staff. 
  19. Attend service calls at sites in other sectors when required. 
  20. Promote and maintain a good relationship with customers and promote a correct company image at all times by ensuring standard of dress meets with company requirements. 
  21. Ensure all company assets are safeguarded in accordance with company procedures. 
  22. Comply at all times with 4.2 Electrical regulations and ensure documentation is completed. 
  23. Comply at all times with the Health and Safety at Work Policy. 
  24. Ensure that all company rules, policies, procedures and notices are clearly understood and adhered to at all times. 
  25. Undertake any other duty within your competence as requested by management. 
  26. To take on any other responsibilities or tasks that are within the employee’s skills and abilities whenever reasonably instructed 


This competency profile does not include technical/specialist behaviours but includes a list of generic behaviours which are required by an individual at this level. Individuals at this level must provide clear evidence of behaviours demonstrated within the responsibilities/tasks outlined. At this level technical accountability for work done and decisions taken is expected. When reviewing your role you may wish to priorities the behaviours that are considered most important to maximise performance in your job.  

Operational Performance  

  • Seeks information from appropriate existing sources to handle tasks, issues and problems. The sources might include: other people, manuals, websites, customer records, etc. 

Customer Focus  

  • Refers to higher authorities and/or established procedures and regulations when required. 
  • Acts promptly to meet customer needs. 

Personal Development  

  • Seeks and responds positively to regular performance feedback from other people.


  • Sees the need to work co-operatively with others and does so. 
  • Keeps others informed (e.g. colleagues, customers, management) of matters which affect them. 
  • Shows commitment to team goals (e.g. by actively joining in team activities/group discussions and committing to follow-up actions). 
  • Understanding the team’s objectives and acting accordingly. 
  • Supports team/group decisions even if not in complete agreement. 
  • Is courteous and shows consideration for the needs and feelings of others. 
  • Listens to the views, feelings and attitudes of others and works sensitively with them. 


  • Communication is delivered in a way which promotes understanding eg. in oral communication, speed and volume are appropriate and tone, gestures and eye contact are used expressively to add meaning and emphasis. 
  • Uses words and phrases effectively, presenting ideas and information in a logical and well ordered fashion so that the context is easily understandable. 
  • When communicating in writing demonstrates ability to compose original messages as required as well as developing routine messages from standard formats and templates using correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. 

Integrity and Trust  

  • Be able to accept and adapt to change in policies and procedures. Accountability and Ownership 
  • Seeks to ensure that customers’ needs are met in a way that is advantageous to both the organisation and customer.

Education and Qualifications 

Minimum GCSE/CSE/O Level Standard 

Apprenticeship electrical / Mechanical Qualification 


Technical capabilities relevant to the post, good communication and interpersonal skills Planning and organising. 

Team player, Able to work alone & plan activities accordingly. 

Other Attributes/Circumstances  

Must have a current driving licence.  

Capable of occasionally driving a 3.5 tonne van. 

To apply for this job please visit inspiredcareers.secure.force.com.