• Full Time
  • Remote
To provide management, support and leadership to an administrative team responsible for all elements of order management and asset management.

Act as operational point of contact to internal providers of spares repair facilities.

To monitor performance and provide scheduled and ad hoc reportage, relating to department adherence to SLA’s and internal KPI’s.

To offer direct practical management support to inventory control of machines, operating in tandem with Depot Operations, LSP’s and Inspired’s Product Hardware Group.

Support any ongoing projects to develop systems relating to Order Management, Logistics & Asset Management.

Main Responsibilities

1. To provide managerial guidance and support to the Central Operations administration team to achieve all daily activities captured across Customer Service and Inventory Management.

2. Working with market teams to ensure accurate forecasting and fulfilment planning, optimising utilisation of existing stock and planned injection.

3. Work intelligently with the wider Central Operations department in the territories supported by Inspired to maintain close relationships, and a relevant and up to date knowledge of the functions supported by Central Operations.

4. Overseeing order progression for complete assets and parts, ensuring approvals and deliveries in line with operational and customer requested expectations, and budgeted spend.

5. Working within a committed team to liaise with internal and external customers and suppliers, ensuring the smooth and efficient scheduling and optimisation of Inspired, customer owned and third-party test assets.

6. To oversee the administration of off-site stock movements and storage, ensuring discrepancies are fully investigated, and periodic stock checks completed in line with documented processes.

7. To authorise, or secure exceptional approval, for all orders relating to customer spares, spares logistics and customer returns/repairs, in line with documented processes.

8. To provide periodic reportage on closed orders (complete assets and parts), highlighting performance of delivery against published lead-time, committed delivery date, and customer request date.

9. To provide periodic reportage on performance of RMA management, by customer and LSP.

10. To ensure regular visits to storage facilities to ensure correct process and accounting of stock, which will include regular stock checks and reporting.

11. To recommend any improvements identified to documented processes.

12. Manage recruitment, training and development of reporting staff as appropriate.

13. Manage staff time and attendance, including sickness, holidays and overtime ensuring that all key duties are covered at all times, within the agreed budgets and recording within the approved business systems.

14. Adhere to Company policies with regard to security and health and safety, reporting any breaches immediately to your line manager.

15. Maintain confidentiality of all information received and acted upon.

16. Undertake any other reasonable duties as requested by line manager and other senior Company management.

17. To report any unresolved, escalating issues relating to a customer, supplier or team member, to your line manager within a timely fashion.

18. To maintain and make available for audit, records of customer interactions and transactions.

Skills required
Required Skills and Experience

This competency profile does not include technical/specialist behaviours but includes a list of generic behaviours which are required by an individual at this level. Individuals at this level must provide clear evidence of behaviours demonstrated within the responsibilities/tasks outlined. At this level technical accountability for work done and decisions taken is expected. When reviewing your role, you may wish to priorities the behaviours that are considered most important to maximise performance in your job.

Operational Performance
• Seeks information from appropriate existing sources to handle tasks, issues and problems. The sources might include: other people, manuals, websites, customer records, etc.

Customer Focus
• Refers to higher authorities and/or established procedures and regulations when required.
• Acts promptly to meet customer needs.

Personal Development
• Seeks and responds positively to regular performance feedback from other people.

• Sees the need to work co-operatively with others and does so.
• Keeps others informed (e.g. colleagues, customers, management) of matters which affect them.
• Shows commitment to team goals (e.g. by actively joining in team activities/group discussions and committing to follow-up actions).
• Understanding the team’s objectives and acting accordingly.
• Supports team/group decisions even if not in complete agreement.
• Is courteous and shows consideration for the needs and feelings of others.
• Listens to the views, feelings and attitudes of others and works sensitively with them.

• Communication is delivered in a way which promotes understanding e.g. in oral communication, speed and volume are appropriate and tone, gestures and eye contact are used expressively to add meaning and emphasis.
• Uses words and phrases effectively, presenting ideas and information in a logical and well-ordered fashion so that the context is easily understandable.
• When communicating in writing demonstrates ability to compose original messages as required as well as developing routine messages from standard formats and templates using correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Integrity and Trust
• Be able to accept and adapt to change in policies and procedures.
• Ensure confidentiality in all aspects of business information.

Accountability and Ownership
• Seeks to ensure that customers’ needs are met in a way that is advantageous to both the organisation and customer.

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