This is a productive role, which entails leading by example. The Workshop Supervisor will be expected to be a “Go To” person for the workshop & Installation teams and to that end should have considerable technical and product knowledge.

The Key Performance Indicators for this role are:

  • Delivery of daily production schedule.
  • Quality Control check targets.
  • Ordering, controlling, and returning of all spares.
  • Maintenance of Short Interval Controls.
  • Ensuring latest technical updates are in place.

The Workshop Supervisor will carry their own daily run up target, when required. Additionally, they will also be responsible for maintaining productivity throughout the day by use of short interval controls, carrying out the prescribed number of Quality Control checks and highlighting and escalating any issues with regard to production or quality output to the Regional Manager and Planners.

The Workshop Supervisor would be expected to build a good relationship with all manufacturers/suppliers technical and spares departments.

Main Responsibilities


  1. Allocation of production to individual members of staff.
  2. Constant monitoring of achievement of the daily run up plan through short interval controls and confirmation at the end of each day that production targets have been met.
  3. Completion of Quality Control checks to ensure that all engineers follow bespoke run up specifications and complete all agreed technical updates.
  4. To assist the Regional Manager with skills assessments to ensure that all staff are equipped with skills and knowledge applicable to their job, and where necessary give additional training.
  5. To ensure that all working areas are always kept clean and tidy.
  6. Deliver training and coaching for installation and workshop staff on new and existing product in the workshop environment.
  7. Ensure all physical movements of machines are captured in the system to ensure the integrity of company and customer assets.
  8. Allocation of staff to assist with large deliveries/scrapping (liaising with Inventory Controller).
  9. Ordering and controlling of all spare parts and ensuring all advance replacements are returned within the SLA.

Required Skills and Experience


This competency profile does not include technical/specialist behaviours but includes a list of generic behaviours which are required by an individual at this level.  Individuals at this level must provide clear evidence of behaviours demonstrated within the responsibilities/tasks outlined.  At this level technical accountability for work done and decisions taken is expected. When reviewing your role, you may wish to priorities the behaviours that are considered most important to maximise performance in your job.

Operational Performance

  • Seeks information from appropriate existing sources to handle tasks, issues and problems. The sources might include: other people, manuals, websites, customer records, etc.

Customer Focus

  • Refers to higher authorities and/or established procedures and regulations when required.
  • Acts promptly to meet customer needs.

Personal Development

  • Seeks and responds positively to regular performance feedback from other people.


  • Sees the need to work co-operatively with others and does so.
  • Keeps others informed (e.g. colleagues, customers, management) of matters which affect them.
  • Shows commitment to team goals (e.g. by actively joining in team activities/group discussions and committing to follow-up actions).
  • Understanding the team’s objectives and acting accordingly.
  • Supports team/group decisions even if not in complete agreement.
  • Is courteous and shows consideration for the needs and feelings of others.
  • Listens to the views, feelings and attitudes of others and works sensitively with them.



  • Communication is delivered in a way which promotes understanding e.g. in oral communication, speed and volume are appropriate and tone, gestures and eye contact are used expressively to add meaning and emphasis.
  • Uses words and phrases effectively, presenting ideas and information in a logical and well-ordered fashion so that the context is easily understandable.
  • When communicating in writing demonstrates ability to compose original messages as required as well as developing routine messages from standard formats and templates using correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Integrity and Trust

  • Be able to accept and adapt to change in policies and procedures.
  • Ensure confidentiality in all aspects of business information.

Accountability and Ownership

  • Seeks to ensure that customers’ needs are met in a way that is advantageous to both the organisation and customer.

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