Overview of Role (Description of main purpose of job)

To assist the Venue manager to effectively manage all company assets and staff within a site venue on behalf of Leisure Projects.
To assist the Venue Manager to increase profitability by improving games/machine income margins in order to achieve budgeted targets.
To assist the Venue manager to provide the highest standards of operating practice, in order to develop future business and maintain longevity of contract.

Specific Responsibilities / Key Tasks:

1. To assist the Venue Manager to recruit and train all staff required in order for the venue to operate professionally and profitably; ensuring that correct training schedule and documentation is completed before commencement of employment

2. To produce a weekly staff roster in order to reflect agreed budget and business demands.

3. Recommend disciplinary action for staff under your control to the Venue Manager.

4. Ensure that “Best Practice” reports are completed and up to date.

5. To monitor machine performance on a daily basis; ensuring that at all times machines and games are operated to maximum potential by encouraging regular maintenance and repair schedules, meter analysis and income tracking.

6. Ensure correct use of venue diary by your team.

7. To assist your Venue Manager in the control and safeguard of all cash floats, machine floats and income; ensuring that company cash procedures are adhered to at all times including the documentation of weekly float checks and daily staff personal cash seaches. To identify any potential areas of concern in terms of machine cash and float security and report to your Venue Manager immediately.

8. To ensure that company security procedures are adhered to at all times, reporting machine cash thefts or fraud problems immediately to your Venue Manager, together with the correct paperwork, and co-operating fully with the company security department.

9. To promote the correct company image at all times, by ensuring that you and your staff, together with the venue, are presented to the highest possible standard.

10. To ensure that yourself and your staff adhere to agreed company and site dress and appearance standards at all times.

11. Maintain effective communication with your staff by conducting a daily brief before the commencement of each shift

12. To ensure that both you and your staff are fully aware of health and safety regulations and ensure that all required H&S checks are conducted in your venue as required; including: P.A.T. testing, fire safety checks, visual machine checks.

13. To cover any duties under your control in the event of staff absences or emergencies. To carry out duties at the request of the Manager which may entail working outside your normal area of work.

14. To assist your Venue manager in the planning and implementation of machine movements and installations, monitoring machine positions on a weekly basis; ensuring that correct procedures for machine movements are being implemented.

15. Ensure that sufficient spares are in stock to help to eliminate machine downtime. Ensure toys, redemption/bingo stock are always held at agreed levels. Complete regular stock checks to ensure agreed levels are maintained.

16. To identify potential areas within the business to increase revenue and/or reduce operating costs and bring to the attention of your Venue Manager.

17. To ensure that venues are opened and closed at agreed times so that maximum income is achieved for both he customer and for Leisure Projects

18. To carry out any other duties as directed by your Manager.

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