To effectively manage all company assets and employees in our resorts sector.
Responsible for maintaining and growing machine density.
Regular planning applications for new site and active retention of all existing locations.
To grow profitability by improving the income margins to achieve targets and budget.
To provide the highest standard of operation and liaise closely with site management to develop business and maintain longevity of contract.

Specific Responsibilities:

1. To recruit and train all employees required for the resort to operate professionally and profitably in line with our vision & values.
2. To discipline any employees under your control, if necessary, after authorisation from Area management and the HR department.
3. Ensure that we operate within the requirements of the Gambling Act 2005.
4. To monitor machine performance and ensure that at all times machines and arcades are operated to maximum potential by full and correct maintenance, repair schedules, meter analysis and income tracking.
5. Control and safeguard all cash floats, machine floats and income in conjunction with your Area Manager and ensure Company procedures are adhered to at all times and document weekly float checks.
6. To promote the correct Company image by ensuring that you and your employees, together with the venue, are presented at all times to the highest possible standard and by liaising with our partners and customers in a professional manner.
7. Maintain effective communication with your Area Manager and Regional Manager by attending regular meetings, presenting verbal and written reports and by making any recommendations which will improve the profits and efficiency of the Company.
8. To ensure Company security procedures are adhered to at all times, by reporting security problems immediately to your Area Manager and co-operating fully with Security department. To ensure that both you and your staff are fully aware of health and safety regulations and ensure that all PAC testing is undertaken and recorded on an annual basis.
9. To cover any duties under control in the event of staff absences or emergencies. To carry out duties at the request of the Area Manager which may entail working outside your area.
10. With the Area Manager, plan and implement machine movements and installation and monitor machine plan weekly. Ensure that machine procedures for return to sales are being implemented.
11. Ensure that sufficient spares are in stock to help to eliminate machine downtime. Ensure toys, redemption stock are always held at the correct level. Complete regular and Company stock checks.
12. Ensure that the latest developments in technical changes are understood and if necessary explain to your staff. Maintain communication on technical and related matters with the Area Manager.
13. To identify potential expansion sites and bring to the attention of the Area Manager.
14. Resorts Amusement Manager to be responsible for banking of all collections and floats.
15. Reports Amusement Manager to be responsible for inputting of data onto site access system and updates.
16. To be competent on all aspects of collections.
17. To open the resort venue, ensuring that maximum income is achieved for the partner and Playnation.
18. To control budgets.
19. To ensure all marketing, merchandise and promotions are clearly displayed and the guidelines are fully adhered to at all times.
20. To carry out any other duties as directed by the Area Manager.
21. To ensure the Playnation visions and values are lived and breathed throughout the venue.
22. Maintain high levels of communication with your team (team meetings, huddles, reviews, 1 2 1)
23. To take on any other responsibilities or tasks that are within the employee’s skills and abilities whenever reasonably instructed.


Operational Performance
 Seeks information from appropriate existing sources to handle tasks, issues and problems. The sources might include: other people, manuals, websites, customer records, etc.
Customer Focus
 Refers to higher authorities and/or established procedures and regulations when required.
 Acts promptly to meet customer needs.
Personal Development
 Seeks and responds positively to regular performance feedback from other people.
 Sees the need to work co-operatively with others and does so.
 Keeps others informed (eg. colleagues, customers, management) of matters which affect them.
 Shows commitment to team goals (e.g. by actively joining in team activities/group discussions and committing to follow-up actions).
 Understanding the teams objectives and acting accordingly.
 Supports team/group decisions even if not in complete agreement.
 Is courteous and shows consideration for the needs and feelings of others.
 Listens to the views, feelings and attitudes of others and works sensitively with them.
 Communication is delivered in a way which promotes understanding eg. in oral communication, speed and volume are appropriate and tone, gestures and eye contact are used expressively to add meaning and emphasis.
 Uses words and phrases effectively, presenting ideas and information in a logical and well ordered fashion so that the context is easily understandable.
 When communicating in writing demonstrates ability to compose original messages as required as well as developing routine messages from standard formats and templates using correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.
Integrity and Trust
 Be able to accept and adapt to change in policies and procedures.
Accountability and Ownership
 Seeks to ensure that customers’ needs are met in a way that is advantageous to both the organisation and customer.

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