• Full Time
  • Kent

To control the day to day operation of a licensed Gaming Venue, including but not restricted to ensuring that: –

  • budgeted targets are achieved
  • Venue and staff are always compliant in line with Gambling Commission guidelines
  • Machines are always serviced and kept in excellent working order
  • Ensure all cash handling policy and procedures are always followed and carried out
  • company operating standards are adhered to
  • cost controls are met
  • Human resources are effectively managed
  • Staff are supervised and managed correctly in all areas
  • Rota management, ensuring the venue is always covered, during operational manning hours
  • Marketing/promotional activities/events are delivered correctly
  • physical and personal security is maintained
  • exception levels are minimised and reported weekly to management
  • excellent customer relations are built and maintained
  • Complete weekly collections and finalise all banking’s in full

Main Accountabilities and approximate time split


To ensure day to day control and co-ordination of venue personnel activities.

Through regular inspections, ensure that interior/exterior standards are maintained at a high level.

Establish and maintain Playnation customer service standards on behalf of the company and maximise income wherever possible.

To take full responsibility for the operational trading of the venue.

To ensure the correct level of technical support is provided to the Venue.

To implement appropriate marketing/promotional activities in order to maximise revenue opportunities.

To be responsible for the correct siting of equipment in conjunction with your supervisor in order to ensure maximisation of income to the Venue.

To maximise all other business opportunities within the gaming venue.

To ensure that cash collections are managed accurately and in accordance with company procedures.

To monitor and analyse machine income levels and initiate appropriate action to maximise opportunities through sound machine management.

To observe the legal aspects of the business relating to machine licensing and to report any discrepancies immediately to the compliance department.


To help ensure that no persons under the age of 18, gain access to any areas of the gaming venue.

To ensure that all approved company security procedures are adhered to by all members of staff.

To conduct regular checks of floats and keys, reporting any anomalies to your supervisor.

To hold regular assessments of security procedures in liaison with your supervisor.

To manage all exceptions in a timely manner.

To check that all claims are legitimate before payment is authorised.

To assist in security investigations as necessary.

To action security alerts and updates as necessary.

To ensure keys and cash are never left unattended.

To make sure all compliance point of sale and licenses are in date and prominent.

To make sure all employees (including yourself) have correctly logged on to Rotacloud (or any company authorized system) and are doing so at the beginning and end of each shift without fail.

To ensure you and your team are always hygienic and well presented in company agreed uniforms and work wear.


Ensure that all daily/weekly/periodical administration is completed at the correct time and to the required standard.

To investigate any exceptions, promptly taking appropriate remedial action as necessary.

To ensure that all company assets are registered and monitored as appropriate.

Check all petty cash is in line with company guidelines 


To ensure that all venue personnel always perform to the required personal and company standards.

To carry out appropriate investigations and disciplinary action, in accordance with company policy and procedures with prior guidance from the HR department.

To ensure that all newly recruited staff receive a full induction procedure and complete engage customer service training within the defined timescales.

Regularly review and appraise the performance of all personnel to identify training and development needs and to ensure those needs are met by appropriate training, which is recorded and evaluated.

To deal and manage with the day to day problems of personnel within your venue. This includes arranging venue cover alongside rota management and planning

To ensure a good working environment is established, in order to obtain the maximum commitment and productivity of staff.

To take responsibility for the recruitment of all Venue personnel, ensuring that all applications are dealt with in accordance with current legislation and company policy.

To ensure that all on site recruitment advertising is presented in a professional manner and in accordance with current legislation and company policy.

To operate within agreed manning levels as dictated by the current budgeted figure.

To maintain accurate personnel records with reviewing social responsibility training.

To relocate to other trading Venues within the company, if required, according to the needs of the business.

Insure the venue is always GDPR complainant

To train and develop the venue CSA team and identify future potential


To ensure that all marketing/promotional material is implemented correctly as directed by the company.

To ensure that all promotions are run in an indiscriminate manner ensuring all monies are accounted for fairness and auditing purpose.

To ensure that all promotions are run legitimately and in accordance with Gaming Law.


To advise your line manager of anything out of the ordinary within your venue

To promote the company in a positive manner with internal or external suppliers and personnel always.

To attend management meetings or courses when required.

To ensure that all personnel are updated with reference to company information and policies as required.

To undertake team briefings as and when required ensuring that records are maintained in accordance with the requirements of the HR Dept.

To make sure all company directives are always cascaded to the complete team. To allow a two-way flow of information, welcoming and acting or reporting on feedback.

Check all forms of communication channels daily

To answer electronic correspondence in a timely manner, ensuring deadlines and schedules for information are responded to


To own, Investigate and resolve all disputes or complaints.

Ensure that personal presentation and profile is such that it reflects well upon the company.

To respond positively, promptly and appropriately to all customer feedback enquiries.

To conduct all business in a polite and courteous manner.

To promote the concept of teamwork to enhance business opportunities and achievement.

Consistently strive to exceed customer expectations


To adhere to all company health and safety procedures and practices. In the event of safety issues arising, ensure the appropriate action is taken through the company health and safety manager or appropriate agencies

To report any potential hazards to your supervisor

To ensure all work undertaken by you conforms to current health and safety legislation and regulations


To resolve routine malfunctions where cause and correction are readily identified

To apply routine diagnostic procedures

Perform routine preventative maintenance, repair and service all machines

To implement and carry out all scheduled updates directed by the project team

Ensure all servicing requirements are carried out efficiently and carefully

Report any unresolved or reoccurring issues to your Supervisor

Keep a log of ordered parts as and when they are required for audit and tracking

Report any damage immediately to your supervisor by customers or staff

Assist the income protection team by reporting anomalies as they arise to your Supervisor

Ensure all areas under your control are maintained in a clean and safe manor

To ensure all machines/assets are registered correctly

Return all faulty advance replacement parts promptly, stating fault on the appropriate paperwork

Maintain and control adequate stock levels of swag for FEC equipment within the venue

Provide guidance and technical support to CSA’s for first level faults, jams and peripheral tests


To adhere to all company social responsibility practices and procedures. In the event of any social responsibility issues arising, assure appropriate action is taken through the company representative or other appropriate agencies. In keeping with accepted principles of good company practice, you may be required to undertake additional or alternative duties related to your position as directed from time to time by your line manager.

To live and breathe the three licensing objectives within our industry

  • Ensuring gambling is kept free from crime and disorder
  • Ensuring gambling is conducted in a fair and open way
  • Protection of children and vulnerable adults


To ensure the company’s equal opportunities policy is always strictly adhered to and actively discourage harassment or bullying, victimisation, discrimination of any kind against employees, management or customers on the grounds of sex, race, disability, age or religion.

To carry out any other reasonable duties as required by your line manager.

To visit any venue as required to perform your duty.

If you work beyond your contracted hours and the time could not be paid back in lieu during the calendar pay month, overtime time will be paid to you at your base hourly rate in arrears. This must be within budgeted figures and is by exception, when authorised by the Operations Manager.

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