Values are important to us all… we are governed by them in our daily life, whether we recognise them or not, and they guide our decision making in everything that we do… should I go for that job? Is it the right time to look at starting a family? Should I start my own business?

This is why Inspired has developed its own core values, when it comes to company values it’s not really any different…

Company values provide the framework which we engage with our employees, customers and stakeholders – and ultimately influences and shapes our culture. It is important that anyone considering joining Inspired understands our culture to help you decide if Inspired is the place for you.



EXIST TO EXCITE – We deliver Entertainment with an Edge to our players. We are here to get cool sh*t live. Cool games, cool sports and cool technologies.

DREAM BIG DELIVER GLOBAL – We are hungry to take our games to the world. We are building a global giant. We are slick at technology and product delivery, UK and worldwide, 24×7.

GAME CHANGE – We challenge the conventions in our industry, we disrupt and we innovate, we move fast, agile and organised.

COMMUNICATE – We respect each other and our customers. We are completely ethical. We work as a team (across functions and products and countries). We have a laugh. We have a goal. Together we are INSPIRED.